Diamonds In Amsterdam Adds A Sparkle To Your Holiday

Vital diamonds in Amsterdam information.

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Amsterdam has a long history of diamond trade and a flourishing business.

Tourism has developed around diamond cutting and polishing.

So, if you have the yearning to indulge yourself, try shopping for Amsterdam diamonds.

The trading of diamonds in Amsterdam began in the 16th century. In the 1580’s, the Sephardic Jews began diamond cutting in Amsterdam. By the 17th century, Holland became a world force economically and had a good trade relation with most of the countries of the world.

Businessmen purchased diamonds from different parts of the world at a low rate and shipped them to Amsterdam. These diamonds were then cut, polished and sold at much higher prices.

Famous diamonds of Amsterdam
One of the most famous diamonds cut in Amsterdam is the Cullinan. This 3106-carat diamond is the largest ever found. Under instructions from King Edward VII, the diamond was cut and polished into many smaller pieces.

You would find Cullinan I in the British royal scepter, and Cullinan II in Queen Elizabeth II’s crown. Seven more medium sized and 96 small diamonds were obtained from the original Cullinan.

Queen Victoria was not satisfied with the Kohinoor diamond when she got it. She asked for a cutter from Amsterdam to come to England to polish it and give it more brilliance.

In the presence of the royal family members, he transformed the Kohinoor to a magnificent piece of jewelry that still adorns the British crown.

The smallest diamond in the world has also been cut in Amsterdam. It took the cutters three months to cut the 0.0012-carat diamond in Amsterdam.

The Trilliant diamond is a specially developed diamond in Amsterdam. Its design varies according to the nature of the diamond and the cutter’s preference. It is a spectacular stone with a triangular shape, with 25 facets on the crown, and 19 facets on the pavilion.

Diamond tours
In Amsterdam, you will often see signs for guided diamond tours.


On these tours, you can see some of the famous diamonds in Amsterdam and also see the process of cutting and polishing.

Coster Diamonds, Gassan Diamonds, Stoeltie Diamonds and Van Moppes Diamonds are some of the stores that offer guided tours.

The tours are generally free and the guides will offer you explanations in many languages.

Of course, you can always round off the tour by making a purchase. It is wise to refer to the book ‘Serious Fun Shopping in Amsterdam’ before you launch into serious purchase of diamonds in Amsterdam.

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