Geographical Features Amsterdam Holland

The geographical features Amsterdam Holland bestows this capital of the country with its uniqueness and natural splendor.

Geographical Features Amsterdam Holland

Situated on the bank of two water bodies namely the IJ Bay and the Amstel River, Amsterdam owes its name to the small settlement, which sprawled around the “dam” of the later, at the close of the 12th century.

In spite of having an extreme North position, the region is blessed with mild climate, which makes it accessible all through out the year.

Location and Geographical features Amsterdam, Holland
Holland, also called Netherlands, is situated in Western Europe and is neighbored by Belgium and Germany.

The major water body nearest to Netherlands is the North Sea.

The entire country is divided into 12 provinces namely Drenthe, Flevoland, Friesland, Gelderland, Groningen, Limburg, Noord-Brabant, Noord-Holland, Overijssel, Utrecht, zeeland and Zuid-Holland.

The Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean though lies within Holland, happens to be an autonomous body and the Caribbean island of Aruba is also a sovereign member of the Dutch kingdom.

Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands and is its financial and cultural center (however, the Government seat is in Haque). It is only a few miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean.

This once-upon-a-time fishing village today boasts of a population of one and half million approximately.

The geographical features Amsterdam Holland show a series of Concentric, semi-circular canals, which were built with the ancient city center as the focal point.

Many beautiful houses and mansions were built along the canals, which is perhaps the most unique element of the city.

Climate, geographical features and more
The country of Netherlands is low-lying, so much so, that half of the country lies below the sea level. There is a constant struggle against the sea and to combat sea’s invasion into the land, dams or dykes have been built along the coast.

Owing to its nearness to the sea, the country enjoys a temperate climate with cool summers and mild winters. Forests cover only 8% of the land. Flora and fauna are preserved in various national parks of the country.

Geographical features Amsterdam Holland shows that the Dutch capital also has some nice parks. The Museumplein and the Vondel Park is a lively place to enjoy.

The tree-lined canals of Amsterdam also contribute a lot of greenery to the city.

Amsterdam Canalhouses pic

The center of Amsterdam is shaped like a horseshoe and surrounded by four famous canals namely Singel, Herengracht, Keizergracht and Prinsengracht.

The city is accessible by trains and planes (nearest airport is Schiphol) and can be toured in tram, bus, car, boat and bike.

Walking tour is also plausible. The most conventional mode of conveyance is the bicycle.

So come to Amsterdam for your next vacation and explore the heavenly beauty and geographical features Amsterdam Holland, all by yourself.

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